We are staffing Nursing Winnipeg problem solvers !

Who We Are

Shallom Nursing Agency is a licensed nursing agency located in Manitoba that strives to provide nursing services in Hospitals, PCHs, and private care homes across Manitoba by optimizing the expertise of the health care professionals including Nurses and Health Care Aides (HCAs).

Why We Exist

There has been a significant gap between healthcare providers and healthcare recipients nearly globally due to the shortages of direct healthcare providers. Numerous research studies also indicate that nursing shortages and their related issues are going to continue for years to come. Although the cause of the shortages is multi-faceted, some of the main reasons include, but are not limited to, nurses leaving the profession altogether due to the continued insufficient staffing raising the stress level of nurses leading to job dissatisfaction. In addition, restriction of nursing program enrollments, a significant segment of the nursing workforce nearing retirement age or having already retired, and the increase in nursing demand due to our aging population all contributed to the nursing shortages. Recently, this shortage is further exacerbated by the pandemic of COVID-19, leaving some of our health care facilities to temporarily remain closed for days and some units even permanently. Because of such an enormous critical gap between patients and front-line healthcare providers in our healthcare system, Shallom Nursing Agency was coined to contribute its part to abate the enormous health care shortage and resolve the related issues too.

Our Mission


Shallom Nursing Agency is dedicated to resolving problems related to nursing staffing by delivering effective, efficient, compassionate, and ethical management and nursing care to Manitobans through health care professionals in all areas of nursing care needs.


Our Vision


Shallom Nursing Agency’s vision is to resolve the problems related to nursing staffing by bridging the gap between the direct healthcare providers and healthcare recipients in the healthcare sector of Manitobans and all Canadians.